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7.75"L X 9.5"H
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Limited Edition Size = 175

In 1953, the town fathers of Bremen, Germany erected a bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks to honor their native “sons”; specifically, the donkey, dog, cat and rooster from the Brothers Grimm’s tale “The Musicians of Bremen”. In the intervening years, the front hoofs of the donkey in the statue have been buffed to a high gloss from all of the visitors who believe their wishes will come true by touching them. Upon hearing this, the artists at Herend became inspired to create an all-metallic fishnet version of the famous quartet. Displaying copper, gold and platinum in a striking combination, the animals seem to come alive within their metallic skins via their natural eye coloration which imbues the figurine with a warm, expectant energy (of course, the animals’ state of anticipation is also because we have caught them at a dramatic point in the famous story).

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Item Number VHSP4305524-0-00
Pattern / Color Options Multicolor