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6"L X 12"H
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Limited Edition Size= 250

It isn’t vanity that drives the owl to don his face mask daily; rather, these feathers heighten his sensory perception and allow him to notice the smallest stirrings on the forest floor.  Known as a facial disc, the feathers act as a parabola which collects sound waves and directs those to the owl’s ears.   Along the same lines, the owl’s mottled feather pattern is more than just decorative and serves to camouflage the owl by allowing him to blend into the branches of a tree.  Brought to dramatic new heights by Herend’s painters in a mantle of green, rust, brown and terracotta, the Watchful Owl’s camouflage wings allow this nocturnal bird of prey to become a stealth hunter.  During the day, it allows him to get a good day’s rest hidden among the tree branches, undisturbed by scolding songbirds who, under the protection of daylight when an owl is less effective without the element of surprise, will often gang up on an owl to let him know exactly what they think of him (from the safe distance of a branch or two away of course).

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Item Number VH1CD-05180-0-00
Pattern / Color Options Multicolor