Herend Shows

With something to entice Herend enthusiasts of every genre and anyone captivated by beautiful pieces of art, the expansive assortment of show goods will be accompanied by other exceptional Herend porcelain gems, such as art sculptures from Herend’s limited-edition Reserve Collection. This year’s featured piece, created specifically for the exhibitions, is a curious crab peeking out from his conch shell sanctuary.  Hand painted in an arresting mix of Herend’s signature fishnet pattern, special touches such as a lustrous pearlized shell and effervescent 24K gold bubbles make him appear plucked from nature.  Other perpetually popular artist show pieces on hand will be figurines painted in Herend’s signature fishnet design in exclusive show colors such as lavender, turquoise, and a delightful key lime and pink mosaic combo.  In addition, a number of limited edition pieces in gold and platinum will be showcased as well as figurines in a burgundy coloration.  Rounding out the collection will be several fishnet pieces in gray, forest green and copper colors which are rarely seen stateside.


A collection of the finest treasures in porcelain artistry unites in the Herend Exhibition 2020. Shop for exclusive hand-painted designs, colors and uncommon shapes, available for a limited time at select Herend retail stores.

Babcock Gifts
Memphis, TN

B.C. Clark
Oklahoma City, OK

Bering's - Westheimer
Houston, TX

Bering's - Bissonnet
Houston, TX

Lucy Zahran
Los Angeles, CA

Lux, Bond & Green
West Hartford, CT

Madison 214
Dallas, Tx

Raleigh, NC

The Globe
Virginia Beach, VA